SWEP optimizes the use of energy, material, and space in heating and cooling systems. We take pride in contributing to a comfortable and sustainable life for people around the world, and a competitive edge for our customers. Learn more about SWEP

Simply smarter heat transfer

Choose a brazed plate heat exchanger for your next heating or cooling project. These are the benefits:

  • Compact

    Compact size minimizes footprint and weight

  • Efficient

    Unbeaten efficiency in use of energy and material

  • Reliable

    Robust construction with no gaskets or support equipment

  • Flexible

    Modular concept for flexible system design and easy installation

  • Customized

    Well-proven standard the basis for optimized solutions

Customers tell their stories

  • Efficient cooling of Infosys’ Data Center

    A large Data Center needs a powerful cooling solution. Infosys Technologies Ltd., a leading IT company with its headquarters in Bangalore, India, wanted a cost-efficient solution with high efficiency. They opted for a SWEP brazed plate heat exchanger (BPHE), due to its additional advantage of having a low carbon footprint.

  • Turkey promotes a more sustainable society

    Turkey is currently experiencing an increase in population combined with an urbanization rate that has risen rapidly, from 53% in 1990 to 75% in 2008. New buildings are constantly being erected in urban areas, and it is necessary to find cost-effective ways to save energy. 

  • Clean or untreated water? A BPHE works with both

    Industries around the world have to face the challenge of water contamination due to insufficient filtration.


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